Your Child & End of School Celebrations

End of school celebrations have become a part of the Year 12 social calendar. It is an exciting time for teenagers as they celebrate completing their schooling, and moving into a new phase of their life.

Your Child and End of School Celebrations

While you may be happy for your child to celebrate the end of their school years, it’s understandable that you may be feeling anxious about their safety and wellbeing during this time. Whilst this can be an exciting time for teenagers it can also put them into situations they may not have been in before. The combination of being away from home without parental supervision, often for the first time, being with their friends and interacting with people they do not know, may result in your child finding themselves in a situation which is beyond their control. In particular, there is a good chance that during these celebrations your child will find themselves in an environment where alcohol is being consumed.

You can prepare yourself by becoming informed about:

  • The long-term effects of alcohol use on young people.
  • The immediate effects of alcohol use on the body and short-term risks of alcohol use.
  • The laws related to alcohol and young people.
  • How to support your child during
  • Talking to your child about what to expect during their end of school celebrations


In this section:

Support Your Child to Plan Their End of School Celebrations

Talk to Your Child About What to Expect

Support Your Child During Their End of School Celebrations