Young People’s Beliefs and Concerns

To understand why young people drink we need to know what influences their decision to drink, and why they choose not to drink. Below is a summary of the results from the 2011 ACT Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey. [1]

In 2011, ACT Health conducted a survey of students in years 7 to 12 as part of the ACT component to the Australian Secondary Student’s Alcohol and Drug Survey (ASSAD). This survey aimed to investigate alcohol, tobacco, illicit substance and other drug use as well as weight, nutrition and physical activity.

When asked about the negative experiences after drinking alcohol in the last 12 months most reported being sick (18.3%) followed by having to attend work or school (14.5%) and having an argument (13.0%).

Students were also asked about their intention to get drunk after consuming alcohol. Over half of the respondents never intended to get drunk however almost one in five 16-17 year olds intending to get drunk most times. This was a statistically significant difference to 12-15 year olds (6.4%). [1]

[1] ACT Health. (2013). Substance use and other health-related behaviours among ACT secondary students: results of the 2011 ACT Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey. ACT Government: Canberra