Alcohol and Sex

Alcohol acts as a social lubricant but can lead to serious consequences such as unprotected sex, or unconsented sex. This is because alcohol can reduce inhibitions and can result in poor decision making when people are intoxicated.


What can I do to be prepared?

Try to make an informed decision ahead of time about whether or not to have sex. Think about how you are going to talk about it, such as how to say no or how to talk about safe sex. If there is any chance that sex might happen, take the necessary precautions. The contraceptive pill does not protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Blood Borne Viruses (BBV). Using condoms and water based lubricants can help reduce your risk of transmitting STIs or BBVs. [1] Take the time to learn how to put a condom on correctly and make sure you carry condoms and a water-based lubricant. [1]

Be cautious

Being intoxicated can affect your decisions and judgement. To keep yourself and your friends safe:

  • Keep an eye on your friends and ask for them to do the same.
  • If you choose to drink limit the amount, and space alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Don’t pressure someone being ‘physical’ with you.
  • Remember it is ok to say no.
  • Practice safe sex to prevent STIs, BBVs and unplanned pregnancies. [1]


[1] Department of Health – Communicable Disease Control Directorate. (2010). Who or what will you pick up at the party? Factors to consider. Available at: